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Over the past few weeks there have been numerous brands creating some fantastic content focused around the World Cup. I saw one of those videos through a promoted tweet and then sent it out to about 20 friends via a group chat. From there, any number of them could’ve shared it with others. The brand will see that the promoted tweet they paid for drove my view, but will have no idea where the other 20+ came from. That phenomenon is what we like to call “invisible engagement” in social media. Without that paid advertisement those views would’ve never occurred.

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Business News Daily: Word of Mouth Still Rules for Brand Advocacy
We’re getting better and better as marketers at tracking and assessing our social media content, but there’s a big segment of engagement that we’ll likely never be able to account for: word of mouth. When building and analyzing your social campaigns make sure you consider the invisible engagement.

Search Engine Watch: 5 Boring Companies With a Fascinating Social Strategy
Sure, creating content if you’re Oreo, Starbucks or Red Bull would be nice, but most of us don’t have that luxury. But just because you aren’t running social media for one of those “sexy” or “cool” companies doesn’t mean you can’t create a winning strategy. Check out this story for some great examples of how the “other guys” are succeeding with social.


Forbes: Vine’s New Loop Count Is Perfect For Advertisers
Vine has released a new feature that will help companies that use the platform to measure and understand invisible engagement with “loop counts.” This new metric tracks how many times a user has watched the video, taking into account repeat views or “loops”, even when a video is embedded on another website.


Mashable: Deep Linking Isn’t Taking Off Yet. Can Facebook Change That?
Deep-linking, the practice of using a link to launch a specific page or section of a mobile application, can provide a frictionless way to go from web to app or app to app. This enables links and advertisements on mobile to provide a significantly stronger user experience. Facebook joins Twitter and Google+ in supporting the technology.

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