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When I started my degree in journalism I used a typewriter. Some of you may remember when the only way to make a correction was to use Wite-Out. I used to also fax media advisories and pick up the phone to talk with reporters. So when I saw an article by Mickie Kennedy via Regan’s Health Care Communication News about getting back to PR basics, I thought it was worth sharing. Following are five retro tactics he recommended giving a whirl:

1. Photo advisory
A photo advisory is an old-school tactic that basically involves telling anyone with a camera to “stop by” your store because something cool is going to happen. This is usually accompanied by your doing something cool, like holding a contest that’s worthy of snapping a few hundred photos of. Maybe you have a celebrity guest showing up—nobody would want to miss that, would they?
2. Tie in to the news
What’s in the news right now? You may be able to use it to your advantage. This heat wave is driving everyone crazy, but lucky for you that you sell custom-flavored freeze pops. Sell the story to the local news how you’re helping to “beat the heat,” and watch your sales soar.
3. Hang out on forums
Some call it time-wasting, but holding real conversations with your customer base is rarely a bad idea. Go to where your customers are, and find out what they’re talking about. Chances are you’ll be able to relate in some way and can chat along with the best of them. Remember to talk, not sell, or they’ll ignore you or kick you out completely.
4. Send out your product
People like free stuff. When people get free stuff that’s awesome; they’ll talk about it. Send your latest offering to bloggers, radio hosts, your dentist, whoever

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