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The social media target seems to be ever-changing and ever-moving. This week’s reads cover a number of the most up-to-date metrics, and thought leadership around measurement. From best times of day to post, to best topics to post about each day and whether or not we actually know the true value of social media…one thing is for sure: plenty of big brands are willing to invest in social media, including some notable efforts surrounding the World Cup.

Social Media

Ad Age: Embedded With Adidas’ Social Media Team at the World Cup in Rio
Most of us don’t have Adidas-sized social media budgets, but when you throw a giant apparel brand together with one of the world’s largest sporting events, we all stand to learn a thing or two about how big brands are maximizing exposure, engagement, and what metrics they’re most interested in tracking during one giant multi-week event.

Buffer: 10 Surprising and Important Social Media Stats You Need to Know
Deciding what key social media stats to track and measure against can be a struggle for most marketers. Some are relevant, many are not. We particularly liked some of the stats in this article including which platforms are driving the most traffic, and standards for how many people should engage with a Facebook post based on your organization’s number of followers.

Forbes: “Companies Are Throwing Money at Social Media”
According to one professor, “We are at a nascent experimental stage where we are trying to figure this (social media) out.” It’s an interesting read including the statement that “likes” don’t equate to sales. While that may be true, we’d argue that simply viewing an advertisement doesn’t exactly translate to sales, either. It reminds us of another recent GFM blog post.


Pinterest Blog: Pin Trends of the Week
Speaking of stats, those of you managing Pinterest boards may find this post useful. What are the best days of the week to post different types of pins? Fitness posts are most popular on Mondays, and Thursdays have the most fashion pins. And the rise of GIF popularity on Pinterest continues…

Social Advertising

Social Media Examiner: How to Target Ads on Twitter and LinkedIn
Many of us have become intimately familiar with setting up ad campaigns on Facebook, but what are our other paid options on social networks? This article does a good job of breaking down the ins and outs of ad campaigns on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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