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Social media is finally starting to move away from the siloed, online only entity of its infancy towards an integrated part of marketing strategies and tactics for brands. Sports, like in many other categories, is leading the way in utilizing new and innovative ways to engage fans through social.

Social Media

Adweek: Social Sharing Has Become the Biggest Thing in Sports Marketing
While this story is speaking specifically to the adoption of social media tactics in regard to sports sponsorships, the main idea of engaging your fans in real-world activations is applicable for any brand.

ESPN: GoPro’s Golden Moment
GoPro has become a marketing juggernaut by following Red Bull’s lead and creating content that doesn’t “sell” or feel branded. Yes, Red Bull and GoPro have an inherent advantage because of the products they sell and the audience they sell them to, but we are still talking about an energy drink and a small video camera. They created those audiences with their content, not the other way around.

Digiday: Tide Thinks Twice About its LeBron Tweet
This story raises some very good questions about whether or not company tweets should be considered ads and how copyright issues might come in to play.

Marketing Week: The Social Experiment
This is a must read for anyone involved in branded social media, and we refer to their story summary to tell you why: Brands are learning that social media is not just a free marketing channel, but requires a content plan and nimble processes to take advantage of the constantly changing platforms. Amen!

LinkedIn: Your Brand may NOT have “Community” Potential – Accept That!
Sanjay Mehta is using the newly expanded LinkedIn influencer capabilities to publish content, and his most recent post is a great example of how the tool can help you to discover and share new ideas. Mehta’s comments on community are spot on and should lead to some reflection on the social communities that you are trying to cultivate.


TechCrunch: Twitter’s New Analytics Tell Advertisers And Publishers How Many People Actually Saw Their Tweets
Twitter has slowly been upgrading their analytics platform and a new update now gives users and advertisers many of the metrics they need to successfully track the performance of their content.


AdAge: LinkedIn Buys Newsle to Keep Better Tabs on Your Contacts for You
LinkedIn is in a league of its own when it comes to reaching a B2B audience, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t adding new features and tools to help their advertisers. The recent Newsle acquisition means the platform will soon be giving business-oriented users even more reason to spend time on the site consuming content.

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