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Social media and digital marketing require a seat at the proverbial planning table on day one. By continuing to keep these practices in a silo you risk under-allocating creative resources and the budget to truly move the needle and prove ROI. Notable reach on all platforms – not just Facebook – requires purposeful content just as much, and sometimes more, as smart investments—in the form of ads and influencer collaborations.


PR Daily: Facebook Still Drives The Most Traffic To Brand Websites
A social referral study from June 2013 – June 2014 found that Facebook drove nearly 24 percent of social referrals on the web, compared to 5.7 percent for Pinterest and 1 percent for Twitter. Despite the data, we know everyone is feeling the crunch on Facebook when it comes to organic reach. Do you agree with this study or are other platforms yielding stronger referral results for your brand? What You Can Do About The Decline Of Social Marketing On Facebook
In sharp contrast to the study above, we appreciate the detail this article goes into in order to analyze how marketers need to be thinking about content creation and budget allocation on Facebook today.


PRDaily: How To Hashtag For Twitter Success
A quick, worthwhile read with refresher tactics on how to make hashtags work for your brand on Twitter. Lately we have seen first-hand how impactful participating in Twitter chats, even if only once per month, can be for gaining meaningful followers and getting more comfortable on the platform.

Metrics & Measurement

AdAge: Digital Metrics Delirium
“The customer journey.” It is different for every company yet paramount to defining the business goals and tactical objectives that will ultimately increase the bottom line. This is a fantastic read for every marketer who is questioning what to measure, where to invest and when to stop chasing metrics that simply don’t exist.


Mashable: Stealth Marketing: How Brands Infiltrate Vine With Product Placement
Vine celebrities? Yes, they exist – teens and early 20-somethings dominate – and brands are shelling out up to six figures for videos that creatively and stealthily feature their product.

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