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Back in the heyday of traditional media relations, the million-dollar question on everyone’s mind was, “How do we get this story on Oprah?” Fast-forward a few years and the new million-dollar question is, “How do we get this social media content to go ‘‘viral’’?”

Here’s the thing. If it were that easy, we’d all have a lot more “viral” content on our resumes. But in the quest to go viral, individuals and brands often forget to consider what drives conversation, emotion for, and loyalty to their brand or offering in real life. Capture that in a social media post and now you’re onto something…


Fast Company: The Consistently Overlooked Component to Going Viral
Social media may dominate the headlines, but this article reminds us that 90 percent of consumer conversations are still taking place offline and 92 percent of people still trust reviews and recommendations from friends and family above all else. Read on for tips for how to crossover between the real world and social media with success.

Word of Mouth 3 Ways to Use Competition to Start Word of Mouth Marketing
So who’s doing a good job at that crossover between the real world and social media to create ‘viral’ waves both online and off? Here’s a short piece highlighting four brands that have tapped into competition as a way to engage!


PR Daily: 10 Reasons People Don’t Care About Your Content
Simply setting up a Facebook page or Twitter feed and posting content every day doesn’t automatically spell success. In fact – sometimes skipping a day of content or maybe even choosing to avoid a particular platform all together is the most strategic choice. This article has great reminders about creating content that people actually care about.

Infographics 12 Incredibly Useful Infographics on Social Media
Whether you’re trying to convince your boss that social media matters or simply looking for inspiration before you create your next infographic, you’ll want to visit this list of 12 great infographics focused on the topic of social media.

Tools 12 Most Budget-Friendly Social Media Tools
It’s a common misnomer that social media is free. Perhaps setting up a page or securing a handle is free, but your time definitely isn’t and if there’s a way to keep you at the top of your social media game, but free up a few hours on your calendar, we’re all for it!

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