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Best practices. We’re addicted to reading about them and have the utmost respect for brands and organizations raising the bar in the social space. This week we glean new ideas from the continuation of the #IceBucketChallenge phenomenon and important reminders of when to step back from social after tragedy strikes. In addition, Google has announced a search and security related update that you don’t want to miss.


Forbes: Four Lessons Brands Can Learn From The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Several GFM members have taken the #IceBucketChallenge and it’s hard not to be transfixed by the speed of which this movement spread far and wide. We enjoyed Forbes’ breakdown of how today’s viral fad can be applied to a variety of marketing tactics, especially the notion that successful campaigns provide a way for fans to “pitch in and make a difference.”

Adweek: “Bring Back” Strategies
It wasn’t just the 380 tweets per minute Burger King received when it used social media to bring back its popular chicken fries that made this a favorite read for the week. Burger King’s reaction and quick decision to pull its Twitter advertising and quiet down on the platform in respect of the death of Robin Williams could not have been easy, but it was top notch.

PRDaily: 3 Reasons Automating Social Media Is Risky
If 84 percent of top companies are automating their social media content, why shouldn’t we? It is a valid question but scheduling posts and tweets is not with significant risk. This quick read provides a great reminder of what you need to consider before you “set and forget” your social media content.


Vine Blog: New Vine Camera
Vine has launched a camera so users can create and edit Vine videos any way they want, including the ability to import existing videos from your phone. Whether you are a Vine veteran or you’ve been scared to get started, this launch makes it much faster and more seamless to create content for the platform.


Google Blog: HTTPS As A Ranking Signal
An important security-related SEO update from Google. Over time Google will be giving priority rank to secure sites (HTTPS) over standard HTTP. We urge you to make sure you have a conversion plan in place, as needed, as soon as possible.

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