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This week we came across a number of articles that highlight the move toward Social Media 2.0: how brands – and users alike – can better leverage social networks. From Nordstrom trying out the “Like2Buy” platform that mimics Instagram, to Twitter hinting at major changes to its own news feed…its clear that in many ways we’re still in a test-and-revise mode when it comes to social media. But as brands like Starwood Hotels are proving, a strategic approach can provide huge value in your organization’s investment.

Blogs and SEO

PR Daily: How Your Blog Can Improve Your Search Engine Ranking
Everyone talks about it, but what is the best way to implement a blog strategy when you’re focusing on Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? This article breaks down the nuts and bolts of how a blog (done well) can positively impact your SEO, and even better, some tips on how to effectively develop blog content.


Bloomberg Businessweek: Nordstrom Wants You to Shop on Instagram
Most brands understand the extremely engaged user base of Instagram, but are typically handcuffed just a few metrics (likes, comments) on the platform. Nordstrom is trying to turn those likes and comments into purchases by utilizing the new “Like2Buy” platform, which mirrors the Instagram platform and with one click answers three key questions for consumers: Where can I buy this? Do you still carry this? And how much does this cost? It will be interesting to see if Instagram will update its own platform to accommodate those same options.

Social Advertising

AdWeek: Starwood Bets Big on LinkedIn as Part of $30M B-to-B Campaign
One of the biggest trends GFM has seen from 2014 to date (nationally as well as with our clients) has been the frequency and effectiveness of social media advertising campaigns. Strategically acquiring the right fans and followers, and ensuring they see your organization’s content has never been more important, which is why Starwood Hotels is dropping $30 million on those types of campaigns.


Mashable: Twitter May Be Moving Closer to Filtered Feeds – But Don’t Freak Out Yet
Recent comments by Twitter CFO Anthony Noto have left users worrying that the platform might implement an algorithm to determine which tweets we see, rather than the standard chronological order. In our opinion, Twitter users have a right to be up in arms. Noto’s comments were not admission to such a change, but the reaction on Twitter highlights how loyal users are to controlling their own feeds unlike the evolution of Facebook’s newsfeed approach.

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