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If you’re going to spend a percentage of your marketing budget on advertising, through any medium, don’t you want the content you’re distributing to be of the highest quality? Far too often brands are engaging in social media advertising with less than ideal content. Save your budget for your best.

Social Media Advertising

eMarketer: Paid Social Ads Convert More Customers
Marketers have come around to the fact that they must spend on Facebook if they hope to combat the declining organic reach of branded posts, but they may not be aware of the increase in conversion rates. This article contains some interesting statistics that are worth a read.

The Verge: Facebook now weighs your opinions on which ads are good and bad
Just spending money to boost the reach of your Facebook posts isn’t enough to reach the maximum amount of users with your messages. Good, high-quality content, in addition to a targeted paid component, is necessary to create truly engaged brand evangelists. Facebook knows this and is doing everything it can to give site users the highest quality advertisements it can. Don’t let your message get left behind.


The New York Times: Facebook’s Feeds Give Videos a Boost
Facebook’s autoplay video feature has been huge for the format on the platform. One look at the number of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos proliferating your newsfeed is evidence of that. Autoplay can be a big boost for brands that use the feature strategically.

Social Media

PR Daily: Study: CEOs aren’t using social media to full potential
At most companies the CEO is expected to be the public face of the business, but new statistics show that social media is still slow to be adopted by those in the leadership position. Around 68% of Fortune 500 CEOs have no social media presence at all, a shocking number that speaks to a great opportunity.


Women’s Wear Daily: Q&A: Instagram’s Kevin Systrom on NYFW and More
You may not be lucky enough to run social media for a high-end fashion company, but there are many lessons to be learned from the success these brands are having on Instagram. Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom talks about why the platform works so well for fashion in this interview. “I’d rather be the supporting story and let folks tell their own story and not let the attention be on Instagram, specifically.”

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