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While we’re certainly not condoning being a copycat, inspiration can come from brands large and small. Reviewing their wins and misses enable us as marketers to be smarter, faster and more creative along the way. From ditching Facebook prior to a major video game launch to putting fans in the drivers seat of a restaurant Instagram feed, we simply can’t get enough of these examples!


AdWeek: Brand Publishers Are Ditching Facebook In Favor Of Microsites
Facebook is a “rented space.” This is an interesting and timely concept given the continued free fall of organic reach on the channel. Read on to learn how video game giant Madden NFL skipped Facebook altogether for its latest launch and created a custom microsite instead. The site only saw a fraction of traffic compared to Madden’s Facebook fan count, but received strong engagement with visits to the site averaging six minutes.


AdWeek: Food Porn Campaign Gives Applebee’s A Social Lift
The stats in this article back up the following statement from Shannon Scott, executive director of marketing communications at Applebee’s: “People continue to prove that they’re more into the stuff they create versus the stuff we create.” We like how Applebee’s kept it simple and didn’t make patrons jump through several hoops in order to engage.


Restaurant Business: 28 Social Media Ideas To Steal
This read lets you select by social media platform to relive some of the wins and losses by brands on social channels. “Perfect the one-liner” on the Twitter tab underscores the importance of moving fast when you spot a trend or announcement your audience cares about. We also loved learning about how California Pizza Kitchen has “Cultivated a Star” on Instagram by giving the reigns to its head of culinary innovation. He showcases “insider” content like special spice blends and menu item development.

Ragans: 5 Ways For Your Brand To Go Visual
We already know that visuals are critical on social media. But many brands struggle with thinking they are not “visual enough” to create strong content. This article provide simple, tactical ideas for how to think more visually. We also agree with the tip to engage directly with influencers who are talking about you online. They are already bought-in, so why not work with them to create even more content!

SmartBlog: A Step-By-Step Guide To Social Direct Response
Engagement, conversion and KPIs – oh my! Read this if you feel like you are constantly shifting social media content strategy around to chase the holy grail of cracking the latest algorithms. We really appreciate the reminder to think beyond the screen to ensure offline marketing efforts mirror what your audiences see online.

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