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Expect to see more user-generated content and dynamic visual narratives from branded social media accounts in the near future. Brands that are successful on social have realized the importance of telling an engaging story and bring that content to life through video, text, imagery, data visualization and more. Read on…


SmartBrief: 3 ways brands can engage using digital video
“Video is exploding,” says Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. Users are not just watching digital video. The demand is being driven in large part by the ready access to mobile devices and high-speed Internet consumers now have. “The coming year will be a good one for brands that are smart enough to engage their customers online and embrace user-generated content,” says Google’s Tara Walpert Levy. Read more about Interactive Advertising Bureau’s MIXX Conference and how brands can engage using digital video.

Ragan: 5 secrets for telling stories in video
Throw away those scripts on creating an organizational narrative. Instead, think like a silent movie director. Build a ‘three-legged stool.’ And learn from the makers of ‘The Fugitive.’ Rob Biesenbach, an actor and former VP at Ogilvy PR, offers tips that will elevate your videos from corporate snoozes into dynamic visual narratives.


DailyDot: The great gay Facebook exodus begins
As Facebook’s naming policy debate continues, Facebook users seem to be jumping ship to a site called Ello. This invite-only, anti-ads social network site is gaining momentum. “All we ask is that everyone abide by our rules (which are posted on the site) that include standards of behavior that apply to everyone. We have a zero tolerance policy for hate, stalking, trolls, and other negative behavior and we’ll permanently ban and nuke accounts of anyone who does any of this, ever,” said Paul Budnitz, creator of this buzzy new anti-Facebook that some brands are already jumping aboard.


Ragan: 6 ways to engage remote employees on your intranet
Reaching employees who don’t work at their desks has long been a challenge for internal communicators. But most mobile employees are already communicating through smartphones. Are you reaching them there? Check out how mobile offers new ways of connecting remote employees to the intranet.


Advertising Age: How social media stole second-screen apps’ thunder
Marketers have turned to Twitter and Facebook to build engagement surrounding televised events and broadcast advertising campaigns pushing second-screen applications, think of relics like Philo, Miso and GetGlue, to grow their business model. But don’t write these apps off just yet. Read on to hear how Viggle, Beamly (formerly Zeebox) and i.TV are evolving their business strategies to appeal to consumers and advertisers.

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