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This week our favorite reads revolve around measurement and how social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Snapchat, as well as content via infographics can be used to increase user engagement. We are moving away from ROI and seeking to measure social media on a Return on Engagement (ROE) ruler.

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Ragan: 5 Ways to Measure Return on Engagement
We are all looking for that magic silver bullet when it comes to measuring engagement. However, return on investment (ROI) is measured mostly in financial and economic ways. Today’s brand managers want more. That’s where return on engagement (ROE) comes in. ROE is the overall brand strength gained from a particular action, strategy or product.


Ragan: How to Optimize Infographics for Search and Social Media
Don’t let your research, content and design of a great infographic go to waste. This article provides five tips to ensure your infographics get the “Google juice” and social shares they deserve.


SmartBrief: Survey Breaks Down Social Networks by Users’ Ages
Snapchat’s audience is “Teen-y” according to a July 2014 polling by NuVoodoo. Teenagers are the platform’s biggest fans. Among 14-to-17-year-old US internet users surveyed, 36.8% said they used Snapchat at least weekly. Meanwhile, 18- to 34-year-olds trailed by nearly 16 percentage points, and a mere 4.2% of those ages 35 to 54 smiled, snapped and sent.


PR Daily: 10 Data-Driven Steps to Dominate LinkedIn Publishing
According to an OKDork and Search Wilderness study, published at TopDogMedia, which took a look at 3,000 of the highest performing pieces of content published on LinkedIn, Thursdays are the best days to publish on LinkedIn. The study also recommended keeping your headlines between 40-49 characters. And lastly, contrary to what we’ve all learned and been told about most content on the web, longer is better in LinkedIn publishing, with 1,900-2,000-word posts outperforming shorter content.

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