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For many brands, especially small and medium-sized, social video has been a nice-to-have instead of a necessity. While Vine, Facebook and Instagram have all made it easier to create some form of video content, brands still need to have a specific video strategy for their marketing and social media properties if they hope to keep up with the competition.


Adweek: Instagram’s Video Ads Are Finally Live, and Here Are 4 From Major Brands
Instagram has finally launched video advertising, giving select brands the ability to show 15-second autoplay spots to targeted users. Similar to image ads, the company is very hands on in reviewing the content in order to keep the quality high. This article has examples from some of the first ads debuting this week.

AdAge: Tumblr Queues Up Autoplay Video Ads to Hit $100 Million Revenue Mark
Instagram wasn’t the only social media platform to launch new video advertising this week. Tumblr, who is making a big push to become a player in video, has also launched an ad format by inserting content into users’ feeds.

Adweek: Facebook Video Is Squeezing Out YouTube as Brands Embrace Autoplay
While there are some new players on the block, YouTube and Facebook are still the two biggest platforms for branded video hosting and viewing. While YouTube has long been number one, Facebook is making up ground very quickly and seems to have become the best option for getting views and engagement.


Adweek: In the World of Branded Content, Original Always Wins
The reason that every brand isn’t creating impactful, engaging content is because it’s hard and time consuming to do (it can also be expensive, but it certainly doesn’t have to be). If you want your consumers to pay attention, you have to do something to standout from the noise.

“The kind of content that will build a brand more effectively than a drumbeat of CPM advertising is the kind of content consumers will want to share with each other. The kind media companies will pick up and talk about. The kind Longreads will feature.”

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Entrepreneur: To Be Blunt, a Lot of Your Social-Media Marketing is Getting You Nowhere
This story advocates for brands taking the time to do a social media audit on their platforms and using that exercise to help determine if the platform mix and the time spent managing them is driving conversions and engagement.

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