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The August introduction of Instagram’s Hyperlapse app gave us a new social media term, “hyperlapse,” that seemed so simple. Then I started using it interchangeably with “time-lapse,” and got myself all confused. While similar, time-lapse and hyperlapse aren’t the same – so here’s a quick primer:

Time-lapse photography is the process of taking a series of still pictures and stringing them together into a sped-up video. Below is an example of a fun time-lapse we created titled “Becoming Bellco Theatre” for our client, Bellco Credit Union.

Hyperlapse takes video and allows you to adjust the speed – so now you have a single streaming image moving as quickly, or slowly, as you’d like. So it’s definitely similar to time-lapse, but it stabilizes the image (seriously, the stabilization is quite incredible) and creates a much smoother video from your smart phone. This article captures some of the top hyperlapse videos made shortly after the release of Instagram’s app a few months ago.

Are you using time-lapse or Hyperlapse? We’d love to see what you’re working on. Please share a link in the comments or tag us on Instagram!

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