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Social media provides us with ways to reach, explore, engage, connect and leverage content via various channels. The challenge is how to tweak the ever-changing tools in our social media toolbox. This week’s reads cross platforms from organic reach on Facebook, handling negative reviews, Instagram updates, and yes, revisiting the use of email.


DigiDay: Why Organic Reach on Facebook is Not Dead
With all the changes on Facebook’s news feed brands have seen their organic reach decline. On the flip side, publishers have seen referral traffic explode. Take heart, new research shows that organic is not yet dead and still plays an important role.


Huffington Post: Rejoice! Instagram Now Let’s You Edit Captions
Finally! As of Monday, Instagram will now allow you to edit photo captions after they have been posted. For the app’s 200 million active users, this is great news.

Until this update, you had to delete a photo and re-upload it if you made a spelling error or changed your mind about your word choice for a caption.

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Ragan: Survey: Internal Social Networks Won’t Replace Email
Although most communicators doubt that their corporate social networks will make email obsolete, organizations have moved beyond viewing email as simply a way of pumping out messages to employees, according to this survey from Newsweaver and Ragan Communications.

PR Daily: 4 Ways to Handle Negative Online Reviews
Word of mouth was a literal expression meaning one person shared their experience with their friends, neighbors and/or colleagues, and then those people shared with their friends, etc. Today, if a customer is upset with a product, service or experience, they announce it online. This article provides four ways to handle bad reviews.

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