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When the first brands started using social media years ago marketers saw it as a gigantic leap forward that allowed companies to begin communicating with their customers in a way like never before. But now that the costs associated with the channels have risen and customers are tuning out many of the branded messages they are bombarded with each and every day some are claiming that social is an empty channel for brands. The truth is somewhere in the middle:, social media, done correctly and as a part of a full customer experience, creates opportunities for new relationships and loyalty with your audiences.

Social Media

Fast Company: Brands Are Wasting Time and Money on Facebook and Twitter, Report Says
A new report from Forrester focuses on low reach and engagement as the basis for claims that brands are putting too much faith in social media as the core of their marketing efforts. However, the report looks at social as the entire puzzle instead of just an individual piece of a strategic and targeted marketing plan.

Marketing Land : Though People Trust Other Consumers Most, Brands Still Have a Role to Play
The Fast Company article above mentions “branded communities” as one of the next big things in social media in 2015. This story from Marketing Land digs further into the concept with some examples of brands successfully utilizing the “new word of mouth.”


iMedia Connection: The Right Way to Use Social Media in a B2B Industry
Frank Gothmann targeted this story toward business-to-business brands and companies but the strategies and tactics for using social media platforms and creating social media content apply for any marketer.


The Verge: Twitter’s Powerful New Search Engine Includes Every Tweet Ever Sent
Ever searched for a tweet that you know exists and are still unable to find it without looking through a user’s profile? That’s because up until now Twitter did not index every tweet that has been sent. That’s all changed now that the company has launched a new, robust search capability.


Re/Code: Facebook Makes It Harder (Again) for Brands to Advertise for Free
Facebook is limiting organic reach for brands once again. The company announced last week that it will begin limiting the quantity of promotional posts starting in January due to feedback that it received from users. This change will make it even more important for brands to utilize the News Feed best practices included in this handy guide from Buffer.

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