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Implications for Search and SEO

After spending many years working in the Search Engine Optimization and SEO world, it is a constant challenge to keep the content and value portions of the communication process from being overshadowed by technical considerations.  Making valuable content that is created by the communications experts more easily discovered is the ultimate objective in SEO and search marketing enterprise. But, over-scheduled days and escalating client pressures can easily reorient one’s focus.Marketing predictions for 2015

Most communications experts create top quality content that engages readers and helps in the marketing effort. Strategies in communication are constantly changing though, so an interesting read from Direct Marketing News about marketing trends for 2015 caught my attention. The article provided quotes from marketing thought-leaders that may give cause to a quick re evaluation of communication strategies for the new year. And for those of us in the search engine part of the communications world, there are implications and challenges for us as well.

Patrica Mejia, CMO, Siteworx
“Marketers will need to remember the old edict that people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.”

Relationships are everything! Communications outreach can be a cultural effort that attracts visibility not only because of the benefits of a product or service, but for the reward of supporting a brand that consumers trust and believe in. The challenge: show customers that the organization itself is worthy of consumer trust.

Darren Guarnaccia,  Chief Strategy Officer, SITECORE
“Restore humanity to marketing.”

The glut of analysis tools and outreach platforms caused many in the search and communications industry to focus more on technical delivery strategies rather than content value.  The challenge: engage customers in creative, meaningful ways on platforms and systems they currently use to gather information.

Sandy Rubinstein, CEO, DXAGENCY
“Marketers lose sight of the most important marketing fundamental: giving consumers a reason to care about your brand.”

Distinguishing between a brand and a product is important. A product solves a need, a brand is a reputation and an incredibly important, long term business asset. Focusing content and outreach only on product information at the expense of brand and reputation can leave both the product and the brand shortchanged. The challenge:  balance brand and product/service communication to deliver facts about product value as well as about the trustworthiness of the organization providing it.

For SEO strategists, improving visibility for product pages is usually a primary objective. If this is the total focus though, many SEOs could be missing a larger opportunity to help clients manage brand and reputation issues. Products may come and go, but the brand can be built to last. The challenge:  invest time and effort in strengthening the brand right along with product information.

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