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There’s a gap in social video and how brands perceive and use the medium. Brands quickly adapted their text and image content for social and now have a unique voice and look on social platforms. But video content on social platforms still often looks the same as it does on traditional media. Video content on Facebook, Twitter, Vine, etc. can be gritty, it can rough and it can be quick to produce as long as the message is authentic and in brand. So start shooting your video.


Digiday: What Native Video Means for Twitter – and its Users
Real, native (meaning uploaded directly) video is finally coming to Twitter users and advertisers very soon. Following Facebook’s success, the videos will be autoplay without audio and the maximum video length for users is expected to be 20-seconds. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is expected to offer their video ads with a pay-per-click model, which is big news for advertisers.

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Digiday: Bae, is your Social Media Strategy on Fleek?
Have you followed the Twitter account, Brands Saying Bae, yet? If not, spend a few minutes reading through the timeline for an… interesting… look at how some brands are attempting to connect with teens. Maybe it’s the right strategy for some companies, but to us it sounds like a Dad trying to “talk cool” with kids.


Econsultancy Blog: How to Create Brilliant Customer Experiences for B2B on Social
We have talked a lot about how social media can best be utilized in business to business applications on our blog and in these weekly reads, but this article has some great insights and ideas about the practice. Remember, content is meant to create a relationship, not one-way communication.


Adweek: Truly Altruistic Ads Don’t Just Raise Money, They Enrich the Culture
Giving back is important to us here at GFM, and it’s important to the brands and organizations that we work with. With more and more companies realizing the benefit corporate social responsibility can have to the bottom line, it has become harder and harder for consumers to sort through all of the noise. Make sure you’re giving back for the right reasons; people can see through unauthentic altruism.

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