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Yes, we’ve all heard that “content is king” but that’s really always been the case. What hasn’t always been the case is the incredible number of creators, consumers and distribution for that content. Publishers, brands, social media platforms, bloggers… they’re all struggling with the same issue, what content do I create and how do I attract an audience?


Digiday: Why Vox Media Makes Content Just for Social Media
As brands work to parlay their social media success into longer form video and written content, publishers are doing the opposite, looking to try and create content specifically for social media platforms. The key is to know your distribution channels and create content that works for the medium and audience.

The Verge: Snapchat’s New Discover Feature Puts News and Entertainment a Swipe Away From Your Stories
Snapchat’s new “Discover” feature is aimed at keeping users more engaged in the app and for longer periods of time, while creating a new advertising opportunity for the platform. The beautiful new section of the app features videos, articles photos and even scripted series custom selected to appeal to Snapchat’s user base.

The Wall Street Journal: Conde Nast Unveils Branded Content Shop Powered By Editors
Conde Nast is breaking down the barriers (for better or for worse) between the marketing and journalism sides of their business, creating a branded content studio in its new offices. Will the new collaboration with brands create better paid content? That’s yet to be seen.

The Verge: Tumblr cleans up its interface in an attempt to entice longform writers
Tumblr is also hoping to become a more powerful publishing platform for longform content with new features that make its interface simpler to use and nicer to look at. Tumblr boasts a robust 420 million users with great engagement and has been a great platform for brands trying to reach certain demographics.

Smartblog on Social Media: How REI created a sustainable, user-generated content resource
No matter how talented your team is they will still struggle to create content from time to time. That’s why REI’s 1440 Project is so brilliant. They’re letting their fans create relevant, interesting content for them.

Just for Fun

Adweek: The Super Bowl Is Turning Into Digital Advertising’s Biggest Day
The days of a single, high-cost commercial being the extent of a Super Bowl campaign have been gone for a while but this year we will see extensive digital campaigns to go along with nearly every single TV spot.

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