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We have a variety of reads this week that all point back to one central concept: Strategy trumps tactics, bells and whistles. Whether it’s capitalizing on forces out of our control or jumping on a new-ish marketing platform because all signs point to success, we’ve got a varied group of stories this week that we hope get the wheels turning for your own marketing communications efforts.

Word of Mouth

Ad Week: Word of Mouth Marketing Should be Like a Jockey
It’s a concept that communicators and PR folks have been preaching for nearly a decade when it comes to social media, and advertisers are finally starting to come around – be flexible, and be human. This article highlights how Bissell did just that to connect with moms. Lead with authenticity, and leave coercion at the door in today’s marketing world.


BostInno: Boston Restaurants Offering Food Deals for #DigOutDineOut Campaign
When life gives you lemons… Restaurants in the Boston area have turned to a creative way to help snowed-in residents search various deals on dining out during the relentless snow. Using the hashtag “#DigOutDineOut,” cabin-fevered folks can find incentives to get out and eat at local establishments. Great example of finding opportunity in a frustrating situation.


Gigaom: Snapchat’s “Our Stories” are Generating Tens of Millions of Views
One of the main apprehensions of brands joining Snapchat is the lack of metrics tied to the platform. You send a photo out, and it’s gone. But many assumptions appear to be on the right path based on this article: some “our snaps” (a series of related, collective photos from users) are receiving nearly as many views as the Oscars. If Snapchat’s metrics continue on this path, get ready for a windfall of brand activity.


Search Engine Watch: Does Yelp Really Matter?
We like this article because it contains a lot of great information regarding where and how Yelp reviews show up in search…but the fact remains, people continue to use Yelp for recommendations on where to eat/sleep/and other services. In today’s digital world, an integrated approach of social engagement, customer service, public relations and SEO carries much more value than just one of those components.

Issues Management

The Daily Beast: Keith Olbermann and Why the Powerful Self Destruct on Twitter
You’ve likely said it to a colleague, client, or heard it yourself from someone smart, “Don’t engage with that tweet…it’ll just keep the conversation going.” This is a long, but very interesting article about why people in power tend to feel the need to respond, even in extreme situations. Great fodder next time your CEO feels the need to respond when we all know she shouldn’t.

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