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Gone are the days in which user experience was the motivating factor for social media platforms. Social networks now create tools for brands in pursuit of revenue and hope the user experience improves at the same time. While that’s not the best news for the individual user, it’s great news for brands and agencies.


The Verge: Instagram Will Now Let You Upload Photo Sets, But Only if You’re a Brand
This is a product evolution that very few, if any, Instagram users want but it’s coming so that brands can tell a more “in-depth” story. If you can’t tell your story in a single image then maybe it shouldn’t be told on Instagram.


The Verge: Google+ Officially Splits Into Photos and Streams
Is this the end of Google+? Drastic changes to the platform and a revolving door in the leadership positions certainly make it look that way. Google will always be a factor for physical locations because of the search engine and the power of Maps, but brands will need to watch carefully over the next few months and decide whether or not Google+ is still a platform worth investing in.


Fortune: Why Companies Should Brace for fewer ‘Likes’ on Their Facebook Pages
Twitter has been plenty vocal over the years about their efforts to clean up the inactive and spam accounts that have plagued the platform. Facebook, on the other hand, has been mostly quiet about how many users are “fake” and what they do to clean up those profiles, largely because of advertising concerns. Soon, that may change and brands need to be ready.


AdAge: Pinterest Narrows Ad Targeting; Tests Animated Pins
Pinterest advertising is still only available to a select number of brands and agencies but the platform is getting closer to opening the doors to everyone while increasing the ways that advertisers can reach their audiences.


SmartBlog on Social Media: 3 Signs Your Small Business is Ready for Snapchat
As we mentioned in a blog post this week, Snapchat is growing at an exponential rate amongst its primary users. While your brand likely doesn’t have access (or the budget) to advertise on the platform at this point, this article (rightly) suggests creating a strategy now, before you’re caught behind the eight ball.

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