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After Jim ordered duck breakfast tacos for lunch on Saturday, he realized that since coming to Austin he hadn’t eaten any food that wasn’t in taco form. Such is SXSW, and clearly “breakfast tacos” should go into the GFM Favorites Hall of Fame. Ramonna and Laura joined in the fun on Saturday and will be here through the session they’re leading on Monday at 5pm…so we have an abundance of favorites from Saturday:

Fried chicken sliders from Max's Wine Dive.
Fried chicken sliders from Max’s Wine Dive.

NomNom:  Jon ordered the fried chicken sliders from Max’s Wine Dive for lunch (with syrup and hot sauce) – and we couldn’t be more excited for the new Max’s to be opening up at 7th and Sherman in Denver soon!

Libations: Spredfast’s Social Suite was serving up bloody mary’s at lunch with Deep Eddy’s pickle infused vodka and a condiment bar that included three different types of pickles, bacon, sriracha, olives, and jalapenos. Super delicious…

Culture Tip: Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario talked about the importance of businesses having a social cause, and the impact it can have on obtaining, and retaining, talented employees. A company’s social footprint can provide a level of employee connection that wouldn’t exist otherwise.




IBM's Internet of Things sphere in action.
IBM’s Internet of Things sphere in action.

Grab Bag: IBM has a lounge in the Hilton highlighting the Internet of Things, including Bluetooth-controlled spheres that are a glimpse into the future of remote controlled cars and trucks – complete with statistics about speed, collisions and time spent on the move.

Free Stuff Rules:  Tool of North America hosted a party that included music from Mayer Hawthorne, an open bar and tacos from the Chi’lantro food truck! (so many tacos…)

Overheard: “Kind of obsessed with growing my Twitter account. And I’ve been getting a lot of “fans”…I use the train for that.” – Typical SXSW conversations

Rooftop Happy Hour in Austin.
Rooftop Happy Hour in Austin.

Through the Lens: 











Number of Steps Taken: 15,467

Hours of Sleep: Jim: 7. Jon: 7.

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: Jim: 4. Jon: 5.

~ Jim and Jon

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