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Three days down, two more to go. This is when people start to move into “napping in between sessions” mode, so Jon and I will do our best to continue bringing highlights from Austin to life on the GFM blog! Here are some of our favorites from Sunday, admittedly, we were a little short on the food and drink, but made up for it with some great sightings, music and brand activations. Enjoy!

NomNom:  We failed to grab dinner before going to the Flaming Lips show, so once again; late night pizza at Roppolo’s saved the day! (There was debate over whether Roppolo’s is “good pizza” or “good late night pizza”…and we may never know the answer…)

Libations: The Tequila Stormy at Malaga Tapas & Bar was a spicy, but completely refreshing and simple. Tequila, house made peppery simple syrup and lime.

Culture Tip: Jonathan Hunt, VP of Global Marketing and Partnerships for Vox Media commented that losing or sacrificing his company’s culture is the one that that could endanger the progress Vox has made. He made the point that it’s their people who make them who they are, and that it would all fall apart if they don’t put them first. Great perspective.

Jon makes his acting debut in "Normal conversation with actors"
Jon makes his acting debut in “Normal conversation with actors”

Celebrity-ish Sighting: Jon got in on some serious conversation with Community actors Gillian Jacobs and Jim Rash after lunch.

Overheard: “I’m going to Meerkat my nap when I get home…it’ll be a loooong stream.” – A sarcastic, and tired SXSW attendee.






Colorado Proud
Colorado Proud

Free Stuff Rules: Our friends from the Colorado Innovation Network (COIN) are in Austin this week as well, and we couldn’t be prouder to be sporting these pins on our computer bags!



Through the Lens:

The Flaming Lips shows are one-of-a-kind.
The Flaming Lips shows are one-of-a-kind.

Number of Steps Taken: 13,185

Hours of Sleep: Jim: 6. Jon: 6.

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: Jim: 5. Jon: 5.

~ Jon and Jim

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