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There always seems to be one day at South by each year that combines free things with great sessions and great music. Monday was that day. From Franklin’s BBQ to GFM’s “Coding Culture” session to seeing Gary Clark Jr. headline the GSD&M party…we had a lot to choose from for our Monday favorites:

Fresh Texas BBQ at Franklin's.
Fresh Texas BBQ at Franklin’s.

NomNom: Typically a trip to Franklin’s BBQ includes a 2-4 hour line before you get your food. And yes, it’s worth the wait. But thanks to a Verizon activation for Austinites (and thanks to Jon’s friends for living in Austin) we had the chance to walk right in and indulge with no wait at all. The brisket was beyond words.

Libations:  Its become a tradition that we stop at the Whole Foods Flagship when we get to town to stock up on provisions, Vitamin C, Cliff Bars and the like. This year we found Austin-based Kosmic Kombucha and bought a few bottles – and they were perfect for waking up and keeping healthy for a five-day conference. We recommend the organic ginger and maple flavor.

Culture Tip: From Ramonna and Laura’s “Coding Culture” session, one of the common themes from attendees and presenters alike was customization. Know what makes your employees happy, know what they’re doing both personally and professionally, and check in with them. It all comes back to relationships, to be sure.

Malcolm Gladwell stopping at a Starbucks before his session.
Malcolm Gladwell stopping at a Starbucks before his session.

Celebrity-ish Sighting: Malcolm Gladwell spoke at SXSW on Monday, and we happened to run across him headed to Starbucks before his presentation. Even famous authors have a caffeine Tipping Point at South by.

Overheard: “Work is going to be awful tomorrow, you guys.” – An attendee of the GSD&M party

Grab Bag: Meerkat seems to be the talk of the town down here this year. The Twitter-based streaming video app has been used for everything from sessions to parties, and while many streams were cut short before users could click to watch, we Meerkat’d Ramonna and Laura’s session and had 15 viewers in addition to our 60+ in-session attendees.

Free Stuff Rules: At the GSD&M party, Jon sampled more of Popeye’s new “Red Sticks” than he’d like to admit…but hey, they were free!

Through the Lens:

The crazy-talented Gary Clark Jr. looks out at the crowd.
Gary Clark Jr. always puts on a show in Austin.

Number of Steps Taken: 21,183 (the biggest day yet)

Hours of Sleep: Jim: 7. Jon: 6.

Caffeinated Beverages Consumed: Jim: 6. Jon: 6.

~ Jim and Jon

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