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While SXSW rages on in Austin, GFM’s own Jim Licko and Jon Woods have yet another year attending the interactive portion of the conference under their belts. You can read all about their adventures with their daily ‘favorites’ blog posts. This year Jim and Jon were joined by GFM Founder Laura Love and President Ramonna Robinson who got in on the fun by presenting a well-attended SXSWi session titled ‘Coding Culture: Programming a Best Place to Work.” If you know GFM, you know how important culture is to our success, and you can read Laura’s Top 15 tips for creating a strong corporate culture in this recap blog.

While all eyes were on Austin, there was plenty happening in the world of social media this week… learn more below!


HubSpot Blogs: 14 Ways to Increase Your Cickthrough Rate on Twitter
Anyone can tweet, but it takes real skill to create tweets that inspire action. Did you know there are nine different ways someone can click on (aka interact with) a tweet? And the more followers you have, the fewer clicks you’re likely to get. In short, earning clicks – especially as your fan base grows – takes work. Read this article for some smart tips!


SmartBlog on Social Media: Small Brands are Becoming the New Heroes of Search Marketing
For the past few years GFM has been incorporating more and more SEO into our communications strategies, while also encouraging clients to generate a steady stream of content to establish credibility and provide value to customers. This article confirms that you don’t have to be Goliath to win the search battle, but being authentic, engaging and out there will make a difference.

Ragan’s PR Daily: Google’s On-Again/Off-Again Relationship With Press Releases
Just one bad apple can spoil the bunch, and until recently Google had that mindset on press releases. Some underhanded SEO tactics exploiting online press release distribution caused Google to drop press releases from Google News and devalue them through search. Google has changed its approach for now, but this article is worth the read to understand where Google stands on the issue today.

Social Media Strategy

SocialTimes: How to Connect Social Media Metrics to In-Store Foot Traffic
Ever since the birth of social media, marketers have been striving to figure out how to turn online engagements into in-person transactions – or, as we like to call it, “butts in seats.” This article provides some good reminders of social media tactics that, when woven into a larger marketing strategy, can produce strong results, both online and off.

Sprout Social: Community Managers – Are You Addicted to Social Media?
Social media is a key component to a strong marketing and communications program – and there’s no doubt that engaging on social and making your fans and followers feel heard takes a lot of time. But that doesn’t mean community managers have to tip the scales too far in the online direction. In fact, limiting time spent online and purposefully interacting face-to-face might enhance your online performance. Great article!

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