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Twitter and Foursquare have partnered to allow Twitter users to tag specific locations in their Tweets. This could prove to be attractive for potential advertisers and allow Twitter to further monetize its platform. Instagram incorporated its own photo combination capability called Layout, making it much simpler for users to build photo collages. Facebook has made changes for corporate users that may be a welcome relief for those that receive negative comments.

Tech Crunch: Twitter Teaming With Foursquare For Location Tagging In Tweets
Twitter is working with Foursquare to allow users to tag specific locations to Tweets via official apps and the web. Twitter shared this short video to demonstrate how it will work. Users will be able to tap the location button and a list of locations will appear. Twitter included more details on exactly how to set it up on the Web, using various phones and with

The Verge: Instagram built a brand-new app to make photo collages
In the past, Instagram users had to resort to other apps to create photo collages on the popular photo-sharing site. Now the company has built Layout, which allows users to build photo collages that are easily exported to Instagram. Layout allows the user to review their camera roll, and then swipe through it and start tapping pictures to add them to a new collage. The Layout app then arranges photos for you, providing several suggested grid configurations with pictures already placed for you.

The Globe and Mail: Sour comments harder to find on Facebook’s corporate pages
For corporate brands that have faced a barrage of negative comments on their Facebook Page, they can issue a collective sigh of relief now that Facebook is making users’ comments less visible. Facebook members now have to click an icon to view them or look down the left-hand side of the page. Some industry watchers say this goes against the spirit of open dialogue that Facebook has encouraged between companies and consumers and may turn off some users.

Poynter: How Vox Media gets readers to share on Facebook
Vox Media is one of a growing number of publishers, including Fusion and BuzzFeed, that are designing videos and images specifically for social media. This article provides an example of how the publisher teased several videos that featured President Obama, uploaded them to Facebook and included excerpts of the interviews with Vox Media reporters. While the videos drove people to the Vox Media website, they were intended for Facebook followers to share, which is what happened. A day before the video went live, the previews racked up more than 4,600 shares on Facebook.

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