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Content Low_FlickrCreativeCommons“We’re going to have a robust content curation strategy in 2015!”

How many of you work with folks who made these claims during your most recent planning cycle? Or perhaps, you oversee a team itching to overhaul current content plans and made these claims yourself?

Announcing content strategy intentions and actually putting a stake in the ground from a time and budget perspective are two very different things. This is why MarketingProfs’ article, “Curating Content: A Few Principles and Tools to Guide Your Efforts,” caught our attention this week.

This article makes clear recommendations on how a content strategy should break down – suggesting self-created content should make up more than half (65 percent) with gaps being filled by syndicated content (10 percent) and curated content (25%). A breakdown like this may not happen overnight, just to be fair. A slim team may need to syndicate and curate more articles, photos and videos to start, with a goal to reach more than half of content being original by the end of the year—or beyond.

The most important points, however, come in the form of filters and distribution. Be ruthless in your filters to make sure content, no matter where it comes from, aligns with the brand. And once you’ve waved the red pen around, share away on appropriate channels while always making sure to add your valuable opinions and insights. Sharing a white paper or industry article with no customized context strips away all value.

Create. Curate. Syndicate. The opportunities are endless, but you must find a place to get started.

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