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It can be hard for brands to chart the right social media course when new platforms seemingly launch every single month and user behaviors change almost daily. What’s important is to learn and focus on your own audiences and give them what they want.


The Washington Post: Teens aren’t fleeing Facebook as quickly as we thought
A new study from The Pew Research Center polled teens on their social media usage and had some interesting findings. It’s important to realize that media coverage that bemoans the decline of Facebook or the rise of newer platforms is usually not representative of the general public.


TechCrunch: Twitter Officially Launches Its “Retweet With Comment” Feature
You probably noticed the new Twitter functionality this week that allows users to comment on tweets without the original tweets full character counts being taken into account. It’s a great update that will allow for better engagement with tweets.

New Platforms

Advertising Age: C’mon, Marketers! Why Aren’t You Periscoping Your Meerkat Sessions Yet?
This column on the “rise” of Meerkat and Periscope misses the point of the new products that allow users to live stream to followers, using Twitter to amplify the audience. Both platforms are less about creating their own communities and more about giving brands and individuals a new tool to share. I’ve already seen some college athletics programs come up with some really fun “behind the scenes” uses for Periscope.


Adweek: Snickers Got YouTubers to Post Terrible Videos as If They Recorded Them Hungry
Snickers recently had a great activation of their long running “You’re Not You” campaign that played out with influencers on YouTube. The brand got “video bloggers all over the world to post intentionally bad videos—pretending they recorded them while they were hungry, and thus weren’t themselves.” This was a fantastic influencer campaign that allowed the creators to do what they do best while still staying on brand message.


MacRumors: iOS 8.3 Maps Update Allows Business Owners to Claim POI Listings
The new introduction of iOS 8.3 for Apple iPhones and iPads added a feature that will allow business owners to claim and update or correct the information on their businesses within Apple Maps. Every business with a physical location should make sure the correct information is listed.

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