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word-of-mouth-retro-640x400In the ever-changing world of PR, we are constantly working to determine the best vehicle or mode of communication for our client’s news. There are so many avenues we can take and a campaign can be wildly successful with the right combination of PR strategies and tactics. But when I take off my PR hat and simply become a consumer, I have to admit that word-of-mouth recommendations top the list of what actually makes me try a new product or service, visit a new restaurant, take a trip to a certain destination, or download a must-have app.

I read a Cision blog post recently by Susan Payton on “How to Use Word of Mouth Marketing” and was reminded that word-of-mouth should be part of all PR programs. Word-of-mouth opportunities are all around us and are more important than they’ve ever been. As Susan points out, just look at Yelp or product reviews on just about any online retail website.

Check out what she has to say. It’s worth the read and is a great reminder to never overlook the importance of WOMM.

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