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When you’re responsible for creating multiple pieces of content every single day, it can seem like a monumental task just to keep your posts relevant and engaging. But to really add value to your customers – as well as your bottom line – you must create content with a strategy and clear business goal every time. Read on to learn how some brands and companies are executing…

Social Media

Poynter: 8 Tips from Vox Media Engagement Editors for Using Visuals on Social Media
Vox Media is one of the fastest growing media companies in the United States and includes brands like The Verge, SB Nation, Vox, Eater, Polygon and Racked. Each one of those properties has a very different voice among very different audiences but the company has learned some universal truths that apply across all of their brands. These tips are valuable for anyone posting to multiple platforms.

Adweek: WWF Now Lets You Donate by Tweeting the Emojis of Endangered Animals
The World Wildlife Fund recently launched a wonderful campaign using emojis that people were already using often across platforms. Using existing communication tools to highlight an issue or message in a new and unique way is a fantastic way to get people’s attention.


Millward Brown Blog: Pinterest and the Power of Future Intent
Millward Brown and Pinterest recently conducted a study among users of the platform to examine the impact Pinning has on future purchases. Ninety-three percent of the focus group reported that they use Pinterest to plan for purchases, and another 87 percent reported Pinterest engagement has helped them decide what to purchase.


Marketing Land: Millennial-Mobile “How-To” Searches Explode On YouTube
In a recent report, Google says that “how-to” searches on YouTube have grown 70 percent year-over-year. All of us have likely watched a video to help us perform a task at one point or another. Brands need to leverage their expertise and thought leadership to help customers perform both traditional and non-traditional tasks in their product categories.


Business Insider: Twitter’s New Double Confirmation Feature Will Save You from Embarrassing Social Media Fails
We’ve all seen the stories of social media managers who tweeted from a brand account instead of a personal one and the resulting fallout that one small mistake can cause. Now, Tweetdeck users have an extra level of security available to help keep those errors from happening.

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