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If your iPhone is attached to your hand, Pinterest is where you organize your home décor projects and Instagram is where you track the hottest clothing trends—beware. An uptick in ads on Instagram and a “Buy It” function on Pinterest is sure to become a hit for marketers, while resulting in a dent in many wallets. This week we had a lot of fun, and some personal trepidation, talking about the impact of commerce combining with social media.

Platform News

NBC News: Pinterest Introduces ‘Buyable’ Pins
See it. Pin it. Buy it. Pinterest rolled out a “Buy It” button in collaboration with the mobile payment company Stripe and initial partnerships with Macy’s, Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus, among others. We agree with NBC’s prediction that this launch will make 2015 a big year for mobile commerce.

Recode: Instagram Starts Getting Serious About Ads
A break down of the new ways Instagram will look to monetize the platform, including “action” buttons to incite users to make a purchase, sign up for something or install an app. The value for marketers is real, especially following the announcement that the platform will soon be open to all advertisers. Recode cites that Instagram is up to 300 million monthly users who spend more than 21 minutes a day on the app. Once again, it’s a big year for mobile browsing to convert to mobile buying.

The Washington Post: For Millennials, Facebook Is Poised To Dominate Politics
If an issue on a ballot impacts your organization or brand, and millennial support is critical to the topic, your marketing team better have a solid Facebook strategy at the ready. We weren’t surprised by the overarching findings in this article but found the details fascinating.

Case Studies Created Facebook Autoplay Ad That’s Infinitely Better Without Sound
Putting a video on Facebook is one tactic in the social media toolbox. But we really like how Crispin Porter + Bogusky have raised the bar by poking fun at the silence of Facebook’s video auto play feature. This read is a great reminder not to always take a tactic so seriously!

PRDaily: 5 Ways Brand Managers Can Use Periscope And Meerkat
The bright and shiny syndrome with social media is real. However, there is a lot of merit to being an early adopter on a new platform, which has less clutter, if it aligns strategically with the brand’s target audiences. Read on for examples from organizations large and small.

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