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From Twitter to Instagram feeds to websites to podcasts, there is no lack of information available online. Are you constantly trying to create new content? Have you determined a genuine voice for your brand? Content can’t be king without substance, so take some time to listen first.


SmartBrief: Listen to create great social content, EA exec says
Video-game company Electronic Arts has started listening rather than creating content first. In fact, the company monitors about 8 million online conversations a month to guide its social content.

AdWeek: 5 Things Editors and Publishers Can Do to Survive Digital Disruption
Like many magazines — Bon Appétit with a 24-7 website, Twitter and Instagram feeds, weekly video shoots, special issues, cookbooks, podcasts and events — are evolving into their own brands. So how do today’s magazines operate on all these platforms while maintaining quality control and staying on message?

New York Times: An App That Lets You Find and Share Articles
This. It’s a Facebook alternative, a site on which people can share exactly one link a day. Follow the right people and your feed becomes a list of articles that others have found worthwhile. Links tend to come from various mainstream outlets (The Atlantic, New York magazine, Vox), though there are often articles from more obscure sites, as well as Tumblr posts, videos and even podcasts.

Reputation Management How to market using social media without getting sued
In the ever-changing online world, new hazards emerge that can turn hard-earned revenue into devastating legal fees. Learn more helpful guidelines to keep your business of the courtroom.

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