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Rapidly improving programs, software and algorithms are making so many daily tasks quicker and simpler that it can be easy to forget that computers still have limitations. After trying to automate and “formulate” many pieces of their social media communities, some platform creators have realized that authentic curation has to be done by actual people. Read on and decide for yourself who should be choosing your content.


BuzzFeed: This Is Twitter’s Top Secret Project Lightning
Have you ever tried to search a hashtag on Twitter during a major event or breaking news? Wading through hundreds of useless tweets can make the experience nearly unbearable. Twitter is looking to change that and become even more of a go-to location for following the action with it’s new Project Lightning; collections curated by real people whose only goal is to give you the information and media you want, and nothing else.


MacRumors: Instagram Updates Explore Tab With Dynamic Content and Curated Collections
Not to be undone, Instagram is also hoping to entice users to spend more time exploring the platform with the new changes to its “Explore” tab. Focusing on trending topics and, even more interestingly, places, the new functionality promises “a real-time look at events and pictures happening nearby.” Additionally, the new curated collections lets users explore people and places curated by the Instagram team.

AdAge: Don’t Use Leftovers: Three Brands Doing Great Instagram Content
With changes to linking capabilities and advertising opportunities Instagram is becoming a bigger and more important home for brands. But more so than any other platform Instagram requires unique content that will resonate with its demanding audience.


Adweek: Here’s Why GIFs Are Back In Style and Bigger Than Ever for Brands
Twitter’s change to the timeline that allows autoplay videos and GIFs make the use of the looping videos even more important to your social media efforts. If you don’t already have the content created, the cost of using an external vendor can be expensive. Instead, consider identifying someone on staff or hiring someone with the skills.


Adweek: Nestlé Will Be the First Brand to Run a Sponsored Periscope Stream
Test. Measure. Evaluate. Repeat. With new platforms gaining popularity at mind-numbing speeds, brands struggle to find which ones are worth their time and attention. Remembering that small, targeted tests (although small is a relative term – this Periscope activation may be “small” for Nestlé) can be done rather quickly and easily while giving you the data you need to make the right choices.

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