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It’s hard to not get stuck in a rut when creating consistent content for your brand(s) every month. The only way to stay fresh is to encourage your marketing/social team members to consistently research and learn from other campaigns, and give them the authority to experiment when they have a unique idea. Read on for some great thought starters.

Social Campaigns

Bloomberg Business: TGI Friday’s Giving Away Burgers to Drum Up Social-Media Buzz
TGI Friday’s came up with a great way to connect the in-store experience with social media by creating a fun campaign that asked diners to share a free burger with their online friends. By offering a freebie, the restaurant chain gave customers an incentive to spread the word. And by only offering the burger to the first person to click on the shared link, TGI Friday’s created a sense of urgency that often isn’t present in social media campaigns.

Adweek: How IBM Got 1,000 Staffers to Become Brand Advocates on Social Media
It has taken many companies a long time to realize how valuable their employees can be in sharing social content to new audiences. However, several major companies are turning their own team members into their biggest advocates. IBM provides their employees with new content each week to make it quick and easy to share and have seen great results so far.

Marketing: Skittles Courts the Social Set with Online Auction
Many social media contests offer a few large prizes that only a handful of lucky individuals can hope to win. We love that Skittles took a different route by creating a large number of unique custom prizes that users “bid” on to win by earning the most likes on their shared posts, allowing friends to get involved in the process.

MediaPost: Loews’ Campaign Features Social Media Photos
Many brands have only scratched the surface with user generated content by using images for one-off social media posts. Recently Loews Hotels took it a step further with a comprehensive campaign that looks great and feels authentic.


Search Engine Journal: Videos on Facebook: Native vs YouTube. Which Wins?
Instead of relying on third party studies and metrics, Search Engine Journal decided to conduct their own test. The results are clear! Native videos on Facebook are going to provide significantly better reach and engagement. The differential is likely going to become even more pronounced with the new updates to Facebook’s video algorithm.
Conclusion: Theory that Facebook is giving more importance to native videos

iMedia Connection: Which Social Media Networks Drive the Best Engagement for State Tourism DMOs?
Analyzing cross-platform metrics is almost always a challenge for marketers. iMedia used state tourism social media channels to explore a unique method of measurement.
Chart: Global Engagement to Fan Count Ratio Leaderboard

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