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It’s amazing how often successful social media campaigns are a combination of new bells & whistles and tried & true marketing tactics. This week we have new ways to target audiences on Twitter and new ways to tailor your Facebook news feed. But we also have tips for tried and true favorites — a word of mouth case study and ways to capitalize on “Live TV” – a.k.a., streaming video apps. Enjoy the reads!


AdWeek: Twitter Just Made it Easier to Target College Grads, Parents and Small Businesses
Twitter’s new “personas” feature makes it easier for marketers to target very specific audiences with their promoted tweets. Not only college grads, but also where they went to school, gender, location, interests and more. We like how specific we can get with Facebook targeting, and we really like that Twitter is making moves in the same direction.


Mashable: Facebook’s Latest News Feed Change Lets You Pick Who You See First
In a move that makes us nostalgic for MySpace’s “Top 8,” Facebook announced this week that you can now prioritize up to 30 accounts to see first in your news feed, rather than relying completely on Facebook’s algorithms. The feature is currently only available on the iOS platform, but will be available to Android and desktops in the coming weeks.

Measurement and Metrics:

ClickZ: Social Data Boosts Brands, Even if Marketers Ignore it
So much data, so little knowledge of what to do with it! According to this article, 39% of marketers say social media metrics aren’t actionable. But as we maintain at GFM, social and digital metrics are NOT an A+B=C model. The article goes on to talk about how real-time metrics can help shape an ongoing campaign and allow it to perform more effectively. Monitor, measure, adapt.

Live Streaming Video

Ragan’s: How Three Hospitals use Periscope for Patient Engagement
As brands are still working to find the best use for live-streaming video options like Meerkat and Periscope, this article outlines three hospitals that are jumping in to streaming video feet first, as well as the results they’re experiencing.

Word of Mouth

Ad Week: How a $0 Marketing Budget Bought a Fortune in Athlete Endorsements
How the CEO of Mizzen + Main got 150+ professional athletes to start wearing his shirts is not exactly outlined in this article, but what we liked is how he and his brand have capitalized on athletes’ social media posts by identifying their product in photos and reposting for increased exposure. Word of mouth is definitely alive and well.

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