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GFM Client Partner 34 Degree's recent brand video.
GFM Client Partner 34 Degree’s recent brand video.

GFM has been partnering with Fourth Wall Productions on a variety of social/digital video projects since February, and in that time, we’ve seen and heard a lot of opinions about what makes a great brand video. Some of it has been good, but a lot of it has been misguided.

I recently ran across this Ad Age article titled “Best Practices: What is the Optimal Length for Video Content,” and while it does discuss best practices for varying lengths of videos, it actually goes beyond the question of “length,” and into some extremely relevant overarching points about successful video strategies.

The biggest mistake often seen when it comes to video strategies is not keeping the audience top of mind throughout the process. There are so many styles, looks and feels with video that its easy to get distracted and lose sight of the actual purpose of the video. Keep these questions top-of-mind at all times:

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What kinds of videos/content does your audience find interesting?
  • Where and how will your audience be watching this video (mobile device, desktop, etc.)?
  • What action would you like them to take?
  • How can you present the information in a way that will be useful or helpful to them?

Answering these questions will guide the strategy and flow for the video – from the length and type of video, to the look and feel, interview subjects, music and even graphics (if your audience might, indeed, want music and graphics). Veering away from those audience-centric questions will mean loss of relevancy.

~ Jim Licko

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