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How is your social media editorial calendar looking these days? Do you have a weekly team meeting to review content and analytics? How about that plan to build out LinkedIn? There are many simple planning tactics that can make a daily to-do list shrink a bit. Maybe it’s time to get back to basics.


AdWeek: 4 Simple Steps for Creating a Social Editorial Calendar
There are so many different tools and strategies out there that can save you precious time on social that you can use to take a break from constant monitoring. One of the best is to create a social media editorial calendar for efficient scheduling and posting of your social content. Pretty basic, but you’ll have to put in the time up front to save time later?

LinkedIn 5 Ways to Use LinkedIn for Content Marketing
LinkedIn involves more than just network connections and job listings…there are more than 364 million registered users in roughly 200 countries. Although users can hunt for a new career, share online portfolios and connect with other professionals, LinkedIn can also boost marketers’ and PR professionals’ efforts to create and share content.


Business Reporter: Companies failing to make use of valuable social media data
Despite 80 percent of businesses engaging with social media marketing – and 33 percent claiming to be very engaged, heavy users of social media – some companies are struggling with knowing how to monitor their data efficiently. The lack of direct data integration into customer databases could potentially encumber organizations. The findings come from a recent Apteco publication, Trend Report 2014/2015: Data driven marketing.


The Verge: Facebook Gears Up to Fight YouTube
Facebook announced two primary groups of updates: the first focuses on customization options when uploading videos, the second on improving the back-end tools publishers use to organize them. These new tools will give its publishers even more customization options when distributing their videos, in their effort to grow into a serious competitor for YouTube.

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