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superhero_pic_forblogA while ago, I blogged about how yoga principles can be applied to PR. And then, a few weeks ago, I was in one of my favorite yoga classes, and the teacher asked us to contemplate what super power we would choose if we could have one such power. It struck me that this question suggested yet another way I could carry yoga off of the mat and into the workplace.

Here’s how I made that connection… Obviously, while we might not ever actually be able to fly, have super strength or turn invisible, the idea really was to think about how we could soar in life. Set wild and crazy goals in life – and then go for them. And, as agency practitioners, I think that’s what we can and should do for our clients.

As marketers, it’s our job to know where our clients want to go – what they want their “super powers” to be. Do they want to be known for being the biggest or for being the best? Do they want to dominate one particular market niche, or do they want to attract a whole new audience segment? Once we understand those goals, we can help them develop the roadmap to get there, at least from a communications standpoint. And it’s our job to think big on their behalf and give them a whole universe of ideas in terms of how they might reach their communications goals.

Of course, we also have to consider things like budget limitations, timing constraints and team members’ bandwidth, and we have to work with clients to create powerful plans that are feasible within those constraints. But by thinking big and dreaming about “super powers” from the start, we’re hopefully aiming higher and weaving in stronger, more creative ideas than we might have if we’d started with a focus on our limitations.

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