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Reputation ManagementIt used to be that if something negative about your company – or you personally – was in the news, it would last one or maybe two 24-hour news cycles. Then it would become the proverbial fish wrap.

But now, bad news has an online shelf life that can last for years. GroundFloor Media helps repair online reputations and one important aspect of managing a reputation is to be diligent about monitoring what is being said about you or your company in real-time. Below is a checklist to help determine how and what to monitor during a crisis and in the aftermath.

What To Monitor

  • Your organization’s name, common misspellings, and abbreviations or nicknames for your organization
  • Your organization’s leadership team and any spokespeople
  • Any relevant slogans or marketing messages
  • Vendors and partners
  • Your industry, including recent trends

Google Monitoring

  • Set up Google Analytics to more easily monitor how people are finding your site and look at the search terms; this will help to ensure you’re using the most relevant terms for your search

Other Monitoring

  • Set up Feedly, Flipboard, Pulse, NewsBlur or Facebook’s Paper services (to name a few) to consolidate key blogs and news updates from reporters and bloggers who write about your organization and your industry
  • Work with Radian6 or TweetDeck to learn more about how to optimize your services for media and social media tracking and monitoring to help with consolidating coverage

Facebook Monitoring

While Facebook doesn’t provide the same search capabilities as you can find on Twitter, you can “like” reporters and other influencers and organizations/businesses with open profiles or pages on Facebook to monitor what they’re saying.

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