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We recognize that actively growing your social networks and taking the time to cultivate those new relationships can be tough to manage. But let’s not forget that social media is designed to be just that: social. It’s about making connections and having conversations. It is critical to both listen and keep up your end of the conversation, even in the social space.

Listening & Reputation Management

Sprout Social: The Sprout Social Index: Most Brands Ignore 7 in 8 Messages on Social – Does Yours?
The days of an 8am-5pm 800-number help desk are fading fast for most companies. With its 24/7 access, social media has really extended the lines of communication between consumers and brands. What does this shift mean for customer service expectations? Sprout Social has captured data behind consumer expectations regarding engagement and responsiveness from brands.

Imaginovation: The Best Online Reputation Management Tools for Your Business
With so much noise in the social space, how do you make sure you’re listening to the right conversations to manage your reputation and engage with consumers? Check out this list for the latest and greatest in online reputation management tools.


VOX Health Care: Can Yelp do for Hospitals what it’s done for restaurants?
User review sites have traditionally served as a great resource for finding quality restaurants and nail salons. Now Yelp is taking things to a new level with the addition of detailed health care data on more than 25,000 hospitals, nursing homes and dialysis clinics. In addition to reading and writing reviews, users will now also see information like patient safety data and ER wait times, making it easier to compare different facilities. On the other hand, will this open new doors for trolls with an ax to grind?


The Verge: Facebook’s new live events feature hopes to take on Snapchat
Looking for a way to communicate with your users during live events, or engage users with some behind-the-scenes experiences? Somewhat similar to what Snapchat is already doing with their “Our Story” feature, Facebook now offers a live events feature, bundled in with their Place Tips feature that launched earlier this year.

The Verge: Facebook Wants Your Complaints about Businesses
Facebook is making it even easier for consumers to connect with brands by implementing a “Send Message” button directly into ads (which will open new doors for complaints) appearing in the news feed, as well as a personal chat option to respond to user comments posted on the page. For brands that respond to 90% of their messages with an average response time of less than five minutes, a “Very Responsive” badge can be earned.

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