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Research, deploy, test, improve. That might sound like the process a product or software developer may use, but it’s one that can, and should, also be worked into your content development strategy. The best way to learn what works is to try and fix your mistakes while improving on your triumphs.


CloudPeeps Blog: How to tell if your content strategy is working: 7 steps for conducting a content audit
This step-by-step content audit is a fantastic, easy-to-follow guide that all brands should consider executing on a regular basis.

Social Campaigns

Adweek: Why Miller Lite is Targeting Typography-Loving Millennial Guys on Instagram
Instead of trying to create new conversations around Miller Lite, the brand wisely researched where and what appropriate conversations were already taking place and built a campaign designed to engage in a relatively authentic way. The beer also didn’t follow assumptions that Instagram was a female-driven platform, using data to show that the truth is quite the opposite. Great example for brands to follow.


Social Times: Instagram Ads vs. Influencer Marketing: Deciding What’s Best for Your Brand
As more and more brands are receiving access to advertise on Instagram, the question of diving into the platform or continuing to use influencers to reach your audience on the platform becomes more and more important, especially now that Facebook is allowing advertisers to use its data for these campaigns.


The Verge: Facebook is making an app that will send breaking news alerts to your phone
Facebook continues to push further and further into news distribution and aggregation with the announcement that it will soon be launching a new app that will allow users to sign up to receive push notifications from the publishers they select. Clicking on the links would go directly to the publishers’ sites instead of Facebook, mimicking the functionality that Twitter’s new news tab should deliver.

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