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Hootsuite & InstagramAnyone who has ever tried to manage multiple Instagram accounts knows the pain of trying to remember different log-ins and receiving notifications long after you’ve signed out. Thanks to the platform’s new integration with social management tool Hootsuite those issues may be a thing of the past.

The new partnership will allow social media managers to schedule Instagram content within the  tool and then Hootsuite will remind them when it’s time to post the content (but the content still needs to be posted within the social media manager’s Instagram app). Not an ideal situation, but still an improvement on any other options to date.

The much more welcome addition coming about as part of the integration is monitoring and engaging with content and users from one location, all while managing other platforms. Users can securely share access to Instagram accounts across teams and create team workflows, which include setting assignments and approvals for Instagram.

Check out the details on Hootsuite’s website.

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