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When social platforms evolve they often introduce functionalities that make tried and true digital marketing tactics even more relevant. Case in point, Facebook’s refocus on its “Notes” feature – encouraging more users to create long-form content, or put another way: blog. Similarly this week, we have Twitter takeaways from high-profile brands, tried and true SEO tactics and an answer to the question, “Does every campaign need a unique hashtag?”


The Verge: Facebook Wants You To Blog
As if Facebook doesn’t already own enough of the overall web traffic/time spent on the Internet, it appears that a blog/publishing feature is on the horizon for the social network. And while we’re looking forward to exploring the functionalities of this offering and how it might help brands put a face to the company, it’s a good reminder that long(er) form content is definitely not a thing of the past. Food for thought as you plan for 2016 – would a blog presence enhance your brand voice/reach?


Ragan: 10 Twitter Takeaways from High-Profile Brands
Top 10 lists are a dime a dozen these days, and while some of the examples in this list might seem like no-brainers on the surface, we like the inspiration the examples require. Keeping your content fresh is always a challenge, and tracking what aspirational brands are doing on social networks can always help inspire your own unique content.


Website Magazine: 23 Mistakes That Kill Search Traffic and Conversions
There’s a big difference between “gaming” search engines and actually understanding their algorithms AND how your customers are searching. There’s also a big difference between those who understand SEO and those who don’t. For the latter (or anyone who is just beginning to learn how the backend of SEO works) these tips will be extremely useful.


Ad Week: Survey: Mobile, Social Play Bigger Back-to-School Roles
Planning a back-to-school social media campaign? As this research eludes, the odds are your campaign will do well – particularly if it focuses on mobile users. 45% of back-to-school shoppers will shop online (up from 8% in 2014!), and one-in-three will use their mobile devices while they shop. This article offers a wealth of great information and timely statistics.


DigiDay: No Brand’s Campaign Needs a Hashtag. Ever.
While we don’t agree with the “ever” in the title, this opinion piece did make us stop and think about the multiple times we’ve heard, “So what should the hashtag be?” There are definitely times and places for hashtags (raising the profile of your content with an existing hashtag!), but we agree with the author that, if done well, a campaign hashtag may not be a necessity.

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