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From “how to speak graphic designer” to a little creative inspiration from Hyundai, this week’s weekly reads has it all. There were few blockbuster announcements this past week, but lots of valuable nuggets.

There’s something for everyone in this week’s grab bag – hopefully a fun way to ease back in after the long weekend!


Ad Age: Why Consumer Brands Should Focus on the Top 5% of Customers
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – we’d rather see a small, highly engaged social media audience than a giant, latent group that isn’t actively engaging around a brand. This article reports that just 4.7% of consumer brands’ customers generate social referrals – then provides three easy tips for targeting your 5% and putting them to work!


Adweek: Facebook Beats Pinterest as Foodie’s Go-to Social Platform
More than 18,000 consumers in six different countries can’t be wrong… Facebook is No. 1 when it comes to social platforms for food lovers. Whether you’re trying to attract more foodies or just a foodie looking to stay in the game, this article provides some food for thought.


Adweek: Hyundai Just Hacked Instagram With a Quiz That Leads You to the Right SUV
Sometimes you just need a little social media creative campaign inspiration – and this is it! Hyundai has created an elaborate Instagram campaign utilizing 18 separate Instagram accounts and nearly 400 images to guide users to their ultimate Hyundai vehicle. Take a minute and watch the video in this article for an overview – it’s fun in overdrive!


B2B Marketing: LinkedIn Revealed as the Most Effective B2B Social Platform
Admittedly, this headline isn’t breaking news. But dig into this article and you’ll learn that Twitter has overtaken LinkedIn as the most used B2B social network, which is worth a second look. And while Twitter and LinkedIn lead the pack, typical brand stalwarts like Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest are left in the B2B dust.

Graphic Design Graphic Design Terms That Communicators Should Know [INFOGRAPHIC]
With all due respect to our graphic designer colleagues, sometimes their lingo can get a little confusing. Ever wondered what a ‘wireframe’ is, or what qualifies as a ‘web safe font’? If DPI/PPI, GIF and UX are terms that make your eyes spin, this simple infographic is for you!

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