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This past week, the digital news scene has been all a buzz with lots of new features launching among some of our favorite platforms. With tips to better manage your digital life on the new iOS, opportunities to better connect with your own employees through social media, and a new avenue to reach journalists, these new features aim to streamline digital communications.


The Verge: Facebook is making a “Dislike” button
Facebook users have been pleading for a “Dislike” button for years, but Facebook has maintained a position that it will not create one, citing concerns about it creating an environment of negativity (or risking a sponsored ad ending up on the receiving end of a thumbs down). However, Mark Zuckerberg announced this past week that they are working on an alternative version that will allow users to show empathy on a post when a thumbs up would be socially inappropriate.

Tech Times: Facebook introduces a new feature for journalists: Signal
We’re used to connecting with the media on Twitter, but have traditionally not had as much success on Facebook. Until now. According to Andy Mitchell, Facebook director of media relations, Facebook is launching a free discovery and curation tool for journalists who want to source, gather and embed newsworthy content from Facebook and Instagram, across news, culture, entertainment, sports and more — all in one place.

The Verge: Facebook is expanding its workplace social network to hundreds of companies
The business-focused version of Facebook, Facebook at Work, was deemed a success during its nine-month pilot and will now be rolled out to hundreds of more companies. The interface will look the same but this version provides a platform for connecting with colleagues. Given the familiarity of Facebook for so many, learning curves will be minimal, likely improving adoption rates. Since it requires a separate login from a user’s personal Facebook account, concerns with mixing personal and professional worlds won’t be an issue.

Apple iPhone

Mashable: 12 Hidden Features in iOS9
If you’re like so many other iPhone users, you’ve probably already installed the new iOS9. But have you discovered all of the shiny new features yet? Check out how you can better manage your calendar, organize notifications, communicate with Siri and sync with your car.

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