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Twitter was created in March 2006, and launched July of that year. During that time, it has grown to over 100 million users who post an average of 340 million tweets per day.

It has been embraced as a go-to source for information, and has even been used to overthrow governments. Journalists use it to share news and gauge public opinion and PR practitioners use it to share client stories and pitch media.

But during that time, one of the most famous and accomplished journalists has refused to get on board the Twitter train. Until now.

Last week, the Washington Post’s Bob Woodword established a Twitter account and sent out his first Tweet. And it was awesome. The reporter, who help break open Watergate, posted:
Twitter and Bob WordwordThe link goes to this video:

And since last week, Woodward has posted a dozen more tweets and attracted 8,000 followers. I suppose, better late than never.

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