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No one knows your brand, products and culture better than your employees, but many companies fail to engage with that audience in any meaningful way. In fact, a lot of organizations actually discourage the behavior by limiting social media access at work and creating vague and complicated social media policies. Create engagement plans that simply and clearly outline how you’d like your team members to advocate for your company and you’ll have an army of brand loyalists that will help share your message.

Social Media

Buffer: Social Media Advocacy Is the Future (Just Not the Way I Was Doing It)
Brands strive to build large, active social media audiences but often don’t know how to activate them. Similarly, many companies have hundreds, even thousands of employees but have no plan how to use social media to engage with them. With a strong plan in place both groups can be your companies biggest advocates.


re/code: Twitter Plans to Go Beyond Its 140-Character Limit
Barely a week after Twitter confirmed that it is experimenting with polls in tweets and with Project Lightning set to debut sometime soon, sources have told re/code that the platform may soon allow a method for sharing long-form content. Whatever form it may take, it’s clear the Twitter, one year from now, will look very different from Twitter today.


CNN Money: How Facebook plans to make money on Messenger
Social media is quickly moving from a mass marketing tool to one-to-one messaging via a variety of new platforms like Snapchat and WhatsApp. Now brands are getting into the mix and creating new ways of interacting with their fans. Facebook isn’t going to let the opportunity pass them by and intends to open up some of the same functionality through the Messenger app.

Digital Campaigns

Adweek: Cinnabon Hopes Its Twitter Success Will Help Yield Equally Sweet Results on Snapchat
Over time, Cinnabon has built large audiences on Facebook and Twitter through engaging, fun content featuring cinnamon rolls. When the company wanted to launch a Snapchat presence they turned to those audiences and some established Snapchat creators to quickly build more than 2,000 followers. Check out the article for some inspiration on how to use the audience your brand has already built to launch new platforms.

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