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Twitter has dominated the news in recent days, but we also came across some great reads pertaining to Vine and global Google search trends on mobile. What does it all mean? Audiences have increasingly short attention spans and are interacting with content more and more via mobile devices, meaning content needs to get to the point immediately. How does your content strategy measure up?


BusinessInsider: Tweet In The Evening For More Retweets
A study of 15,000 Twitter users by the University of Maryland found that engagement via retweets is most likely Monday – Friday in the evenings, when people log back on to their devices after work. While every brand and industry is different, this may help you pin down the best time for tweets, especially if they are scheduled, to test this research for your brand.

The Verge: Twitter Launches Moments
Imagine the day’s most talked about stories being accessible via one tap in your Twitter app. Now, go enjoy it by opening Twitter and exploring “Moments.” The Verge hits it dead-on with the analysis that Moments seeks to attract “a large new base of casual users who want to enjoy the service without having to figure out its unique quirks and lingo.” Translation? Even if you’ve never sent a tweet, you can still peruse the “best” of Twitter every day.

Medical Marketing Insights: 20 Hospitals Using Twitter To Attract, Engage and Retain Patients
A bevy of simple, real-world examples for how hospitals across the country are winning on Twitter using tactics from polls and tip lists to video series and condensed testimonials.


ClickZ: 10 B2B Brands That Are Killing It On Social Media
Boring B2B social media content be gone! From World Wide Web Day memes by Cisco to skydiving Intel engineers, we are captivated by the creative content case studies shared in this article.

AdAge: Cisco Debuts Vine Campaign To Reach Tech Influencers
Security breaches and data infrastructure hardly sound like cool Vine video topics. But leave it to the B2B marketing gurus at Cisco to break the mold and infuse creativity, in just six seconds, for rather dry topics.


SearchEngineLand: Worldwide, More Than Half Of Google’s Searches Happen On Mobile
Building on an announcement from Google earlier this year—the search giant now sees most of its search activity coming through on mobile devices. This underscores the importance of investing in mobile optimization and mobile-specific content strategies in 2016 more than ever before.


The Verge: You Can Now Draw On Facebook Photos
A simple “Doodle” feature has begun rolling out to users of the Facebook app when you go to upload a photo. It’s nothing fancy, but smart marketers should be able to have some creative fun with it on select images.

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