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Some favorite meals at Denver's Civic Center Eats this summer!
Some of our favorite meals at Denver’s Civic Center Eats this summer! Photo by @jimlicko on Instagram.

On any given day at GFM, you’ll find team members swapping recipes, sharing
homegrown veggies, or enjoying a homemade treat prepared specifically for everyone to share at our center table. But our love of food goes beyond that which we prepare for ourselves – GFMers love to eat out. Whether it’s with friends or family, you’re likely to find one or more team members at a local restaurant any given night of the week.

Last month we shared a list of some of our favorite books. As we enter the season for celebrations and entertaining visiting friends and family, we thought it was the perfect time to share our take on the best Denver restaurants!

Solid standbys…

Whether it’s the variety on the menu, an incredible drink list, cozy ambiance or amazing tunes playing in the background, you’ll find these restaurants draw a GFM crowd on a regular basis:

  • Cherry Cricket
  • Colt & Gray
  • Euclid Hall
  • North County
  • The Kitchen
  • Zengo

Flexitarian feasts…

We’ve got a handful of pescetarians and a lot of vegetarian-leaning flexitarians in our office. While the restaurants below offer something for everyone, our flexitarian crew identified the following as the best Denver restaurants:

  • Izakaya Den
  • Potager
  • Prosperoats
  • Sushi Hai
  • Tag

 Get out of town…

GFMers live all over the metro area, so we wanted to give a hat tip to a few restaurants outside Denver proper that have captured our hearts (and our stomachs!), too:

  • Parma Italian Restaurant in Louisville
  • Pica’s Mexican Taqueria in Boulder
  • Switchback Smokehouse in Evergreen
  • The Empire Lounge and Restaurant in Louisville

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