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One of my home-brew labels from 2013
One of my home-brew labels from 2013

One of the most important things about being a professional designer is staying inspired. Many people outside creative fields often confuse the lines between design as a career and a hobby. Just because I love what I do doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always easy. Creativity is hard work. When I find myself in a design rut, I look to creative friends and colleagues to bolster my mind and get my creative brain back on track. I love checking out what other artists and designers are posting on Instagram and Twitter, but I also find inspiration in everyday objects. As a designer AND home-brewer, beer labels are one of my favorite sources of inspiration.

Colorado is one of the best places in the country to drink beer, and Denver’s beer scene is saturated with dozens of great breweries. Concurrently, Denver’s art and design world is blossoming, meaning that breweries are realizing a need to appeal to design-minded, hip people when crafting the look and feel of their brands. All of this has led to some fantastic label designs from our neighborhood breweries (and local designers). Below are some of my favorites:

Copper Kettle Brewing Co.


All of Copper Kettle’s labels (by Emrich) are designed with attention to detail. They weave together the story of the beer while holding the viewer’s attention with a symmetrical composition that all leads back to the most important information. Classic and beautiful.

Station 26 Brewing Co.


Station 26 keeps their cans simple, but the clean design is inviting and timeless. (by Swell Creative)

Our Mutual Friend Brewing Co.


Our Mutual Friend’s labels have evolved over the past couple years, but every iteration is wonderful. They used to include playful, print-inspired illustrations, but have since transitioned to colorful, geometric patterns. Either way, the designs are spot on and their beer is delicious.

Great Divide Brewing Co.


Great Divide has been making quality beer and great labels for quite a while, but they recently entered the world of canning. Their bold, silhouetted illustrations look as good as ever on cans, and their style is still instantly recognizable.

These are just a few of the best beer labels in Denver. Did I miss any of your favorites?


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